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Registering a trading account with Bitcoin Lifestyle is quick and easy and won’t take up more than 20 minutes of your time. Below is a step-by-step guide to creating your personal Bitcoin Lifestyle account. Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge you licensing fees, the only required fee is your 250 Euro minimum deposit which simultaneously acts as your capital for your first trades.

  • The second step involves exploring the app until you find the settings you want for your trading strategy.
  • Though it would be a waste if traders do not optimize this excellent bot’s potential and functions.
  • After completing the verification process, the account will be ready to accept deposits.
  • It is, therefore, a slow process, and new traders should manage their expectations.
  • This is extremely helpful for traders to practice using the platform first before involving any money.

Since it is a trading robot, it means users have the option to trade automatically. Though it would be a waste if traders do not optimize this excellent bot’s potential and functions. News reports are full of stories of individuals who invested in Bitcoin and, with time, have earned a small fortune. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion about what Bitcoin is and how a person can invest in it. Thankfully, there are several guides available to demystify Bitcoin.

With its user-friendly interface, this automated trading system is perfect for beginner traders and experienced traders who do not have time to trade for hours a day. The team activated multiple live trading sessions and the $250 capital was used for trading. The idea behind activating multiple live trading sessions is to confirm that it is possible to earn the expected profits consistently.

So far, most of the testimonials and reviews reflect the positive aspects of the trading software, including its performance and profitability. Registration – Involves opening an account by entering and verifying the personal and communication details like name, email address and phone number on the website. After completing the verification process, the account will be ready to accept deposits. This website is free for you to use but we may receive a commission from the companies we feature on this site. The trader should trade on the volatile markets, which means these markets offer the best trading opportunity to make money. Bitcoin Lifestyle is an auto trading system; the trader can set the trading parameters and proceed with their regular task even though they are not in front of the system.

The platform offers fast payouts as it can process withdrawals quickly. It also has reasonable commission costs, without any additional hidden fees. Bitcoin Lifestyle has a moderately high accuracy rate in the trades that it places. Very few of its positions incur deadlock, much less so for deficits. But it is imperative for all traders to check the privacy policies and terms involved in the service that they will be availing. This is so they can avoid problematic deals of offers that are not really aligned with their needs.

Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments. However, the amount of money that they can make is not always guaranteed. Good thing, claims that it can render up to 60 percent of return on investment for every trade that you place with the bot.

Zero additional fees.

The live trading experience during this review was done to establish whether it was possible to earn a profit from the crypto market, and the outcome was outstanding. Bitcoin Lifestyle platform makes money by trading on Bitcoin prices. When the market is volatile, the traders take advantage of the situation from the rising and falling of the cryptocurrency prices to execute profitable trades. Get familiar with the interface using the demo account and configure your preferred risk management features. You can also try out new trading strategies with the demo feature whether you are an experienced trader or a novice. Trading live on this platform involves setting up risk management features and clicking on the live trading button.

In our honest view, we do not highly recommend this trading platform. The trading platform is protected by sophisticated technology and encryption that ensures the site is secure. These regulations help set the number of funds you are willing to trade. Once you have set the instructions, the trading bot will do the rest.

bitcoin lifestyle

Traders who are looking to make a passive online income through crypto trading can use the Bitcoin lifestyle platform to achieve their financial dreams come to fruition. This platform uses superior technology, which involves artificial intelligence and machine learning, which helps them to stay on top of the markets by split seconds. Even before you register, you can contact Bitcoin Lifestyle’s customer support through their website. Afterward, you will have access to 24/7 customer service with the option of email and on-call service support. Bitcoin Lifestyle has built a reputation of providing reliable support to its customers over the years according to online claims.


If you want to become a member of our trading community for free, fill out our registration form for more information. When you do this, the app is going to take all your trading criteria and use them to find trades suitable for these criteria. You may fund your account with any amount of money you consider appropriate for your needs. However, we always suggest our new members to start with our recommended minimum to have a smoother first session. We believe that the most important about trading is time, and it’s where most people have failed at least once. Everyone dedicates a different amount of time to their activities, so it’s impossible for everyone to trade in the same way or learn at the same pace.

Being an automated trading robot, Bitcoin Lifestyle can be used by anyone, irrespective of whether they have any knowledge of trading or not. Once the account is all set with the minimum required deposit, the live trading feature can be activated. At which point, the platform will take over the trading activity and place orders on behalf of the account holders. Yes, According to testimonials and reviews shared by users, the traders have generated good profits with a minimum deposit amount. When the money is deposited by the traders in the platform, it goes through the brokers. It is important to note that only those firms that are registered as financial institutions are allowed to handle deposits.

bitcoin lifestyle

You will then have to wait for the competition in the registration process and complete the verification process before you start trading. The platform’s founder is an expert trader and a software engineer who has wide experience in trading in the cryptocurrency industry and has developed many trading robots. When the traders set the trade parameters and activate the auto trade on, the robot takes over and trades on behalf of the trader to make more profits. This is one of the major reasons which explains how people trading on this platform are making big profits. This platform offers an intuitive user interface for its traders; besides, a user need not be an experienced trader or a computer programmer to benefit from the profitable trades. This software had been designed by keeping new traders in mind so that it is easy for them to navigate.

This means your capital should ideally be derived from your disposable income. Users can opt to activate the stop loss feature available in the trader. This function ceases trades whenever the market becomes too unpredictable, even for the robot. Therefore, the function guarantees that your trading capital will not be compromised. The bot claims to generate a daily return on investment of up to 60 percent. This rate is generally considered to be a high-yielding return already, as it can multiply an initial deposit of $250 to an $800 income in just a day of trading.

Step 2:  Account Verification & Capital Investment

There is some possibility, however, that they may hold cryptocurrencies as a form of wealth development. Bitcoin Lifestyle is able to trade with a larger variety of crypto ranging from the most popular ones like Bitcoin to other, more exotic cryptocurrencies. To create your account, kindly click the following link to the official website for Bitcoin Lifestyle. The team behind Bitcoin Lifestyle has worked for years to make the algorithm as precise and accurate as possible. Our editorial team has studied the profit index rating for Bitcoin Lifestyle, which is impressive, and proof the software works. During the process, an email will be sent to you for verification.

We have highlighted a few key features that make trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle a great option to consider when starting your trading journey. Below you can find what makes using Bitcoin Lifestyle stand out from other trading software on the market. It was confirmed that new investors who have never traded cryptocurrencies before could use the system without any problems.

However, it is reported that the platform is owned by a group of highly proficient programmers and experienced traders.. They incorporate the skills of one another to generate a trading robot that is highly efficient and intelligent in placing trades. Bitcoin Lifestyle is readily available as a trading software of as a web-trader. Simply head on to the official website of the trading platform and register an account. Once you have completed the registration processes, as well as the verification procedures, you can start trading already.

How to Start Trading With Bitcoin Lifestyle

what is dogecash has received an award from the US trading Association as the #1 Bitcoin AutoTrader in cryptocurrency trading. When the setup is done, the robot does everything for the trader. Coin Insider is the authority on bitcoin, ethereum, ICO and blockchain news; providing breaking newsletters, incisive opinions, market analysis, and regulatory updates. Quantum Code, Bitcoin Lifestyle has an impressive range of features to help make your trading experience as efficient as possible. First, you’ll need to visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle website and fill in a registration form with your basic information.

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Bitcoin Era is an AI-powered trading system that provides automated cryptocurrency investment services for the sake of gaining profit. The platform is backed up by algorithmic analysis that ensures a high level of accuracy. However, you can also apply customized parameters and abandon auto-trading. The platform offers a comprehensive demo version that already covers everything the traders must know regarding the platform. You might wonder why traders have chosen Bitcoin Lifestyle over other trading platforms. We made this table to show some of the edge and drawbacks of Bitcoin Lifestyle as compared to other regular trading platforms.

Understanding the Steps of Trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle

We highly recommend the traders start with a demo account, and after feeling confident, they can proceed with live trading by adding a minimum amount of $250. People should invest an amount where they can afford to lose as cryptocurrency trading always carries risks. Automated cryptocurrency trading platform helps traders to make money by researching and analyzing Bitcoin prices. The trader can achieve profits depending upon the volatility and the direction the markets take. Further, the users who have traded on this platform report that they take advantage of rising and falling markets to make profitable trades with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Bitcoin lifestyle reportedly claims that it can read big data on a technical and fundamental level and automatically execute it from the information derived from the data.

Rest assured, the verification is quick and is done to protect users’ personal information. If you’re interested in buying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin without verification, check out our guide to buying Bitcoin without ID. However, high leverage trading should only be done by experienced traders. However, we cannot fully recommend this trading platform to our readers. We still have certain reservations when it comes to Bitcoin Lifestyle, although the trading platform is considerably good.

This makes it safe to trade and ensures trading on the cryptocurrency market without emotion or impulse. There are a few reputable online payment platforms that have been featured on the official Bitcoin Lifestyle website. These are trading platforms that can be used conveniently to make a deposit. The provision of different online payment platforms is a good idea because it will give the users options to find their preferences based on lower commissions and region. After creating and verifying the account, it is time to deposit your initial capital.