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The male-dominated industry, most who have grown up playing video games and are part of the video game culture, can create a culture of “toxic geek masculinity” within the workplace. This can be coupled from similar harassment from external groups, such as during the 2014 Gamergate controversy. Video game developers specialize in certain types of games (such as role-playing video games or first-person shooters).

Video game developer roles vary depending on the place of employment. In smaller organizations, for example, these professionals may work on multiple projects—such as both coding and testing—at the same time throughout the game development process. Since the first video game came onto the scene, the industry has seen exponential growth. As such, video game developers can expect fast career growth in the coming years. This depends on what part of the video game industry you want to work in. If you want to work in the more technical creation and development of the game, you could get a degree in computer science or video game programming and development.

Game Developer Roles

Website development just doesn’t need to think about such things. Those going into the field of web development typically focus on a specialty such as 3D rendering, creative leadership, network programming, engine development, and such. This is where many of these businesses find themselves asking if the idea of “devs are devs” is a true statement. The simple answer is no—website developers and game developers are definitely not the same.

As we saw in the cases of 3rd party developers, sometimes it is not the developer who comes up with the idea for a game. Large publishers have the bandwidth to conceive a new game, but have priorities elsewhere. Developers, especially in the indie category, must work with other companies to put a game into your hands. This includes working with in-person retailers and online stores to ensure your product is visible to the gaming community.

What is a Game Developer?

Do ensure to study the aspects of these games as you play the game to see what may have driven the developer to make certain decisions. Also, pay close attention to the framework of the game and the way it develops with time. While playing video games attentively, one can better understand how the game works, what features the game includes, and how those features interact within themselves. Many game industry publishers got their start as developers and have since grown to include publishing roles in their offerings. Game development had generally been a predominately male workforce.

Types of game developers

Now, 15 years later, he’s here to remind you of the harsh realities of life. Only she has passion and vision in this company, that is why she drives her team so hard. She comes up with new feature ideas every other month and expects everyone to drop what they are doing and get on that ASAP. Everyone on her team must feel lucky to be there and work with such a visionary. The use of crunch time as a workplace standard gained attention first in 2004, when Erin Hoffman exposed the use of crunch time at Electronic Arts, a situation known as the “EA Spouses” case. A similar “Rockstar Spouses” case gained further attention in 2010 over working conditions at Rockstar San Diego.

Can a Web Dev Become a Game Dev or Vice Versa?

Writers have the role of creating the text and dialogue inside a video game. Some video game designs rely heavily on conversations, and writers have a lot of work creating the scripts. Other genres have less need for writers because they are more based on puzzles or formulas. At larger video game companies, on the other hand, each developer may take on a more specific set of tasks. Building your own games is a fun way to sharpen your creativity and programming skills. Now that you have a better understanding of what a Game Developer does and how your favorite games are built, get started with our free course Introduction to Game Development.

  • In smaller organizations, for example, these professionals may work on multiple projects—such as both coding and testing—at the same time throughout the game development process.
  • This is caused by the fact that many IT experts got interested in technology and coding because of their early love for video games.
  • Research on offshore development rates in 2023 to find out about the price of IT services worldwide.
  • Assets are any object, item, or character that a player will see in a game.
  • There are lots of open positions nationwide for GAME job searches, with results showing about 165,000 jobs hiring now on ZipRecruiter.
  • It doesn’t work with freelancers, only with developers employed by pre-vetted software companies.

Game development is a three-pronged occupation involving the creation of content, technology, and business aspects. Once everyone has settled in, the lead programmer will call everyone in the team for a meeting. As most modern games appear on at least two systems, developers who can program across several are always in high demand.

Game Developer Responsibilities

This can save the developers a lot of time, having the groundwork built for them while they focus on the trickier programming. Game developers translate designers’ game concepts into playable code, ensuring that a creative idea reacts and responds properly when played on a gaming device. Game developers may also act as a bridge between the areas of art and technology on a development team. Most gaming firms employ writers to design and develop original tales or new versions of current novels, comics, and films. However, an understanding of linear and non-linear storytelling and narrative strategies can be advantageous for the steps on how to become a game developer. In a linear story, the activities of the player drive the plot ahead; however, in non-linear games, the actions of a player can affect the unfolding of the plot.

Types of game developers

Assuming that a web developer could do the job of a game developer or vice versa simply isn’t a fair assumption. Each type of development comes with its own processes, specialties, procedures, and collaboration requirements among many others that make the jobs similar but definitely not interchangeable. Turing’s vetting process is thorough and ensures that the listed developers are effectively proficient in their areas of expertise. Game dev teams can be assembled within a very short time frame, complete with all the requisite skills required to develop your game. Once you decide that you want to dive into game development, one of the first steps you should take is finding developers who can close the deal. Game development is a general niche, and you may wish to narrow down what game engine would be most beneficial to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Game Careers

Sure, the community does put forth good ideas from time to time, but it is a developer’s job to keep the mystery of a game alive. The gaming industry is growing so fast that laws regarding technology and fair practice haven’t caught up. This inevitably leads to the manipulation of the gamer’s wallet hire a game designer like the situations we’ve talked about. All is not so happy between the developer, publisher, and within those respective organizations either. Gamers and media alike had long speculated that the increased monetization over Destiny’s lifetime was part of Activision Blizzard’s influence.

Types of game developers