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Top 5 Semiconductor Stocks in India


Given the economies of scale, the U.S. can’t produce all of these itself. “You see multiple issues converging,” said Syed Alam, who leads Accenture’s global high-tech consulting practice, including semiconductors. Applied Materials, the biggest maker of chip manufacturing tools, also said sales would suffer because of the restrictions.

Shares of both companies have gained more than 20% since mid-June. Not long ago, the Santa Clara, California, company, was so far ahead of the pack that it was inconceivable that it might ever farm out some of its manufacturing to other companies. Solex Energy manufactures solar photovoltaic modules and offers turnkey solar solutions across different verticals of light-emitting diodes, street lights, solar water heaters, solar water pump surfaces, and others.


Chip manufacturers and foundries have started planning for 29 new semiconductor factories across China, Taiwan, the US, Japan, and Korea. While the industry expects 200 fabs to become operational by 2026, the construction of fabs has its own set of challenges due to a shortage of materials and labour. But with businesses going through digital transformation, the demand for chips shot from newer products like home IT equipment, smartphones, and recreational products like PlayStations and VR headsets.

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Still, Micron executives said they were confident about demand for their chips in the long term, and industry analysts said there was still a lot of demand for chips used in EVs, 5G and high-speed computing. TSMC, the world’s largest contract chipmaker, has seen its major clients cut chip orders for the rest of 2022, Taiwanese daily Digitimes said on Friday, citing industry sources. No. 1 memory chipmaker Samsung Electronics, in an attempt to check an inventory glut, temporarily halted new procurement orders and asked some suppliers to delay or cut shipments of components for several weeks, Nikkei said last month.

list of semiconductor

Oliver Gingold, an analyst/reporter working what became Dow Jones, is said to have coined this phrase when referring to certain expensive stocks in the early 20th century. These are considered to be premium stocks due to these characteristics. And in challenging times like these, we need your support now more than ever. The U.S. added China’s top memory chipmaker YMTC and thirty other Chinese entities to a so-called “unverified” trade list. The new sanctions include curbs on tech exports thus blocking access to core technologies. Mandate Chips And Circuits Private Limited is a privately held company.

MIC Electronics Ltd

To get started in the world of penny stocks and semiconductors, we highly recommend you take a look at the below guides. The hype is justified though, for both semiconductors and penny stocks. Scan its income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, annual report, and other important documents to analyse the company’s past and current performance. This would indicate its prospects and guide you in making the right investment decision.

After dominating the semiconductor industry for decades, Intel lost its lead in semiconductor process technology, allowing companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to overtake it. Gelsinger has pledged to restore the company’s leadership in advanced production by spending tens of billions of dollars to build new factories in the U.S. and Europe and retool existing ones. The third company on the list, Dixon Technologies, is a home-grown manufacturing company. It provides electronic manufacturing services to various industries, including electronics, home appliances, lighting products, mobile phones, and others.

In the US, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard& Poor 500 usually represent them. They are usually called blue-chip companies and their stocks are called blue chip stocks,the name is actually derived from game of poker where in which the chip of highest value is called a blue chips. The Indian semiconductor industry is enjoying a lot of traction as the demand for semiconductors has increased. Investors are concerned slowing orders that are already plaguing makers of memory chips and other components used in personal computers could spread to the rest of the semiconductor industry. Nothwithstanding the Nasdaq 100 Index’s 4% rebound this week, technology stocks were already pressured from a Federal Reserve bent on aggressive rate hikes to snuff out inflation.

  • STMicroelectronics earned 12.76 billion dollars in 2021, 24.9 percent higher than 2020.
  • Candidates could apply online for SSC CHSL from 6th December 2022 to 4th January 2023.
  • Kacper Technologies Private Limited specialises in manufacturing.

In turn, the companies will be encouraged to produce more as their profits will increase. It will also allow the companies to have additional capital in the hand during these uncertain times which can be utilized for other purposes. Currently, India imports almost all the semiconductors it needs. Its demand is estimated to reach around US$100 bn by 2025 from about US$24 bn in 2021.

Major semiconductor players in India

When the government invited bids for semiconductor fab units, Ruttonsha was the only company to register for making compound semiconductors. According to Anil Agarwal, Vedanta’s chairman, they need two such plants to meet the global demand of semiconductors. Hence after setting up a plant in Gujarat, Vedanta is also looking into setting up another plant. For this, it has received interesting plans from Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. In a recent development, the government asked the companies to provide more details on how they plan to acquire the required expertise or get a third partner with demonstrated technical capability.

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In May, the company gave bullish presentations at an investor event in San Francisco about long-term demand for its memory chips. By the next month, it was warning of slowing demand and falling chip prices. Computer makers spooked by the shortage bought more components than they ended up needing, said Dan Hutcheson, a market researcher at the firm TechInsights. The Biden administration delivered its own blow this month with a sweeping set of restrictions aimed at hobbling China from using U.S. technology related to chips. The measures restrict sales of some advanced chips to Chinese customers and prevent U.S. companies from helping China develop some kinds of chips. For many consumers, products that were scarce because of a chips shortage may start becoming more available, though not immediately.

High inventories vs. chip shortages

Micron said China’s recent lockdowns caused a 30% drop in its China revenue in the current quarter. Industrywide shipments of smartphones to China – the world’s biggest smartphone market – are expected to shrink by 18% this year, according to Gartner. It expects worldwide shipments to drop 7% due to supply chain snarls and the Russia-Ukraine war. Ranjit Atwal, senior director analyst at Gartner, said falling smartphone and PC sales will result in the chip shortage easing this year. Atwal, who was expecting chip demand and supply to equal out next year, predicts that cycle will be brought forward to this year. He said the declining smartphone market was not expected to be offset by any surge in chip demand from automakers.

  • However there is no conflict on these services and commissions if any payable are in accordance of the extant regulations.
  • It’s usually done by an outsourced semiconductor assembly and test vendor.
  • Accordingly, before making any final decisions or implementing any financial strategy, you should consider obtaining additional information and advice from your advisor or other financial advisers who are fully aware of your individual circumstances.
  • The crucial part that the semiconductors play in the production of diverse electronics and electric devices is indispensable.

The U.S. had long been willing to let Chinese semiconductor capabilities advance, as long as the U.S. maintained a lead. The new controls go much further, seeking to hold China in place while the U.S. and its allies race ahead. In May, he was one of a group of medical-technology CEOs who pleaded with Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on a conference call for help.

As can be seen from the table above, most of the stocks have fallen this year. This is because companies involved in this space are considered high growth stocks. At present, there are only a few companies in the world that make semiconductors. Since 1996, Equitymaster has been the source for honest and credible opinions on investing in India. With solid research and in-depth analysis Equitymaster is dedicated towards making its readers- smarter, more confident and richer every day.

Valtrix Systems

Ms. Raimondo’s staff asked other federal agencies to designate medical equipment as essential and helped connect buyers directly to manufacturers to bypass distributors. I agree to the processing of my personal information for personalized recommendations, personalized advertisements and any kind of remarketing/retargeting on other third party websites. Apple has stipulated that about two dozen technology, electronics and ecommerce brands shouldn’t have any kind of presence near its soon-to-be-inaugurated store at Reliance Jio World Drive mall in Mumbai. Warning signs included Intel’s second-quarter results, which it announced in July. The company posted a rare loss and a 22% drop in revenue, blaming its own missteps and customers who cut chip inventories.


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But they are now grappling with the sudden and sharp decline in chip demand. The sanctions may bite even harder at companies that sell chipmaking equipment, which relied heavily in recent years on sales to Chinese factories. Customers could not get enough of the small slices of silicon, which act as the brains of computers and are needed in just about every device with an on-off switch. Demand was so strong — and U.S. dependence on a foreign manufacturer so worrying — that Democrats and Republicans agreed in July on a $52 billion subsidy package that included grants to build new chip factories in America.

Ifcs latest gilt yields Private Limited is a Semiconductors company and has headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. Verifsudha Technologies Private Limited is a Semiconductors company and has headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Verifsudha Technologies Private Limited is a privately held company. While TSMC fell by 2.3%, shares of its peer United Micro Electronic Corporation declined by 2.98% to close the market at 39.10.

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