Cultivating Positivity Amid COVID-19 Challenges

March 27, 2020

In light of COVID-19, there have been significant lifestyle changes for families and businesses alike. Many of the required changes are challenging and come with underlying negativity or stress. We’re encouraged to stay positive as we face the unknown. Positivity isn’t something easily turned on (or off) at will. Here’s a list of suggestions for turning that “stay positive” switch on when needed – for both yourself and others. 


Discover Your Vision 

There is great opportunity to examine or create your overall vision for the future. What is the vision for your business? For your family? For yourself?  


Revisit the vision you had prior to the outbreak and find a way to reclaim it. Despite many forces out of our control there are many ways you can take action and guide your vision into reality. It could take reshaping, modifying, or completely revising it. That’s ok. For now, reignite the passion behind the vision and go with it.  


When working with others, reclaim your vision as a team. Sharing in this activity will unite the team and generate momentum toward achieving goals. Everyone will regain focus on what really matters.  


Practice Compassion 

Compassion nurtures healthy minds and relationships. As we’ve been hearing everywhere, “We’re in this together.” We truly are. Practicing compassion can help us remember that. 


Try to have compassion toward yourself as well. Ask for help when you need it. Take breaks when you need them. When you are kind to yourself, you have the capacity to show kindness toward others.  


Encourage Adaptability 

Adaptability is a skill that is often undervalued. Those who have adapted to change quickly and successfully are the individuals that you want to keep on your side. There are people who struggle with adaptability who will benefit from leadership and guidance. Positive leadership during this time can make a world a difference. Quite literally.  


Create a Sense of Safety  

At this time, we can’t promise employees that we won’t lay them off or promise our children that school will start again soon. Instead, aiming to create a sense of safety and calmness during uncertainty can come from good, honest communication. It’s ok that you don’t know. Share how you are feeling and what you are thinking and encourage those in your community to do the same. Two-way communication builds trust and security even when things are difficult.   


Authored by Renee Wright