Workspace and Productivity: In and Out of the Office

April 29, 2020

Commercial property owners know the benefits of a physical workspace and how it can influence employee satisfaction and productivity. There is value in an efficient layout, exposure to windows, or a break area for employees to recharge. The physical workspace is a conduit to achieving maximum productivity. It provides a place for connection, collaboration, and cultivating corporate culture. Traditionally, it is a vital part of operating a business. Now, in our current global landscape, businesses are forced to operate with employees and customers physically separate from each other – turning the connection between a physical workplace and productivity upside-down.

Physical workspaces can provide peace of mind, just like any personal space. They are stable environments that can make us feel secure, balanced, and confident in our work. Being forced away from an environment that provides structure and predictability in a time of uncertainty affects our mental health and life-work balance. Our workspaces are very personal in every sense. The preferences and personality people bring to their personal spaces are endless. To achieve our individual level of desired productivity, we tweak and enhance our workspaces and work habits all the time. The relationship between our environment and our productivity is completely intertwined.  Now, in the current global climate, a comfortable physical workspace and a high level of productivity has become the responsibility of every individual, not just business leaders. There is more responsibility and personal integrity on the individual than ever before. Tension is high. Our new reality of working separately from others, however, provides a wonderful and unexpected opportunity for self-reflection and growth.

We have all felt the impact of being apart and removed from our familiar routines. Some of us have noticed that working in the office was highly distracting with constant interruptions. Maybe the open-door policy was the friendly way to do things but not the most productive. Others find they tap into their creativity easier in a space that’s personal. In a home office space, getting up often and moving your body is more difficult and easily missed. Discoveries like these are golden.

Take full advantage of this unique opportunity to explore your personal needs, preferences, and productivity levels. What new insights can serve you well in the future? This time will come to pass. It is possible to achieve the productivity and fulfillment you are seeking from your work. The answers are right in front of you – in your workspace at home.


Authored by Renee Wright