Safeway Holdings Ltd.

If you are looking for an excellent space for your business, you have come to the right place. We offer a variety of options for lease throughout Alberta, located in premier buildings and complexes.

Calgary North East
Raytheon Building
838 – 55th Avenue NE, Calgary
5929 6th Street NE, Calgary
Coral Building
4303 14 Street NE
Bestview Building
4261 23 Street NE
Classic Truck Building
2121 41 Avenue NE
Big Dog Building
3501 23 Street NE
Wireless Building
1530 27 Avenue NE
McKnight Building
4712 13 Street NE
Pilot Building
2180 to 2204 39 Avenue NE
Springer Building
4143 Edmonton Trail NE
Classic Building
1925 39 Avenue NE
Westjet Building
2181 41 Avenue NE
Delaney Building
2080 39 Avenue NE
Focus Building
4321 23B Street & 2447 42 Avenue NE
McCall Park Building
1323/1331 44 Avenue NE
Engels Building
4709 14 Street NE
Calgary North West
2411 4 Street NW
Calgary South East
Oakcreek Calgary
3816 - 64 Avenue SE, Calgary
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Pretec Building
410 38A Avenue SE, Calgary
Foothills Plaza
3716 61 Avenue SE
Eljay Building
3700 78 Avenue SE
Chestermere Towne Square
140 Chestermere Dr, Chestermere Lake.
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Davies Building
8220 Davies Road, Edmonton
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Oakcreek Edmonton
8108 Coronet Road, Edmonton
Fort McMurray
Rio Verde Plaza
10108 Manning Avenue, Fort McMurray
River Ridge Estates
8535 Clearwater Drive, Fort McMurray
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River Ridge Executive Suites
8528 Manning Avenue, Fort McMurray